Free solar webanar maximize financial benefit
The Free Solar Webinar is sponsored by The Solar Industry. $50 value. It provides education to independent property owners on sustainability and financial rewards of going solar now.

A PV solar property improvement will give you more independence, financial returns and create jobs in your local community.

Referrals to pre-screened solar professionals available upon request. If you would like to schedule a time for a free 15 minute consultation, please call (714) 369-8422.

Due to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, PV solar offers property owners an opportunity to produce their own electricity below market rates instead of renting power generation from the utility company subjecting you to rate hikes.

Solar supports financial independence, personal independence, improves the environment, protects the food chain and will help us all eliminate the use of fossil fuels now. It's just a shame we accept 'clean coal' or dependency on oil when each of us can be carbon nuetral today.

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We look forward to being your ongoing resource for eco-friendly, energy efficiency and renewable energy educational programs.

Rich Hessler, Principal


Homeowners Buying Solar Panels for House Participate in the Free Solar Webinar, a $50 value, to learn if you can benefit from going solar now.
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